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Family Ties

This is one of those topics I’m sure some of you can relate to. And, if the rest of you will be honest I’m sure you can relate too. This is about that/ those family member(s) who feels that the idea of working for what one wants does not apply to them. Yet, they become envious of those who do work, and achieve their goals. They possess a non-verbal, over bearing tone that screams,”YOU OWE ME.” Ya’ll know who I’m talking about, that person who thinks every time you come around, you have “a few dollars” they are entitled to HAVE. (You know they are not going to pay you back, so you don’t even hold your breath) This person almost ALWAYS asks for something. (Most of the time it’s money) They will even have the audacity to become upset if they are provided with a “no” instead of a “yes” every time they have their hand stuck out. They get upset because they feel you are in a position to give them what they ask for and the fact that you share the same blood line means they SHOULD be obliged. For reasons unbeknownst this person blames everyone else except him/herself for the piss poor decisions they have made and continue to make in their lives. The question to this person becomes, at what point do you take accountability for your own actions? Don’t get me wrong, none of us are exempt from making decisions that result in consequences that are fruitless to our health or well-being. But, it is not the worlds fault because you won’t get off your ass and look for a job. It is not “the white man’s” fault that you decided you needed to take a few puffs, (and I’m not talking about a cigarette) now you can’t pass the drug screening for that potential employment opportunity. And, just because you decided to lay down and have unprotected sex with someone you knew was married or a man who was barely taking care of his other three kids, DOES NOT mean everyone in the family owes it to you to baby-sit your kids and raise them because you bit off more than you could chew. Hold up, let me go back (not back paddle) and make myself clear on that last one. This does not include those situations where the child's father is deceased, incarcerated, or anything of that nature. Let me also add that a woman does not always know that the man she chose to conceive a child with will not stick around, she can't always foresee a dead beat. I've seen couples who were married or in a long term relationship, and after they go their separate ways, the man will actually behave like a "dead beat." That being said, it is not always a woman's fault that she ends up raising a child with little or no help from the father. Also, If it’s a situation where a parent is abusive or strung out on drugs, then hell yes, family should step in and take custody of the kid(s), or do whatever is necessary for the well-being of the child. Those types of scenarios, I am not talking about. I am talking about when the parent just wants to ”do their thing” and live as if they are still single. It is not okay to dump the kid(s) off on grandma every weekend so you can go to the club. It is not okay as a mother, to quit every job you get just because you “felt like it. I am all about family, and I believe family should be close and always look out for one another. What I don’t believe is, I can help a family member, (or anyone for that matter) who does not help themselves. Instead of helping themselves, they are only interested in helping themselves to a “hand out.” If it’s not extenuating circumstances like a disability that prevents a person from working, there really aren’t any excuses as to why a person can’t get up, get out, and get something like the millions of us who do.

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