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Do Men Find Women With Tattoos More Approachable?

A recent study conducted by a French professor at the University of Southern Brittany shows that men find women with tattoos to be more approachable than women who do not. *Scratches temple* hmmm… Interesting (hell that might explain why I’m so single) I don’t have any tattoos. While I don’t agree with this, I can see why such a suggestion would prove to have some truth to it. Tattoos are a form of expression and contribute to a person’s right to freedom of expression. Whether the expression makes sense to everyone or only to the person with the tattoo, it is still their right. Tattoos were once deemed as symbols that were only thought to be that of rebels. They were even frowned upon but, today they are accepted more than they were in previous years. There are still some who considers tattoos to be non-civil and non-conservative. To a man, a woman with a tattoo is more on the liberal side than she is conservative. It is for this reason that he might be more prone to approach her rather than a woman without any tattoos. Tattoos are indication that she is “open-minded,” he might even imagine that she has a bit of a wild side, and that she is far from being the “stuck-up type.” Yes, he could gather all of this just from her having a tattoo or two. Let me prove my point. During the study, several young women participated in an experiment in which they laid out on a beach — half wearing a large temporary tattoo on their lower back and half were not. The researchers found that men on the beach were significantly more likely to come speak to the women with the tattoo. Interviewers also questioned men seated near the women on the beach, asking them what they thought about their potential romantic prospects. Results found that men thought women with a tattoo would be more likely to go on a date with them, and more likely to go all the way on the first date as well.

The findings in this study also show that, although some men like for a woman to be conservative, on the flip side they also like to know she is not afraid to “let her hair down” at times. Personally, I find tattoos to be cute and some sexy however, I do NOT like to see a woman with tattoos on her arm. In my honest opinion, no matter how well she might clean up and look nice, that tattoo on her arm takes away from the clean look and makes her look “hood.” A few examples are Keyshia Cole, Monica, and Mary J Blige. (Just to name a few) All three are beautiful women, but when your eyes fall on those tatted up arms, it just gives a slightly different perception.

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