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When She's Keeping Her Cool

All women are crazy according to most men. Let a man tell it, all women have a tendency to “trip.” The funny thing about this notion is when a man comes in contact with a woman who seems to be quiet and doesn’t make a fuss about what he does or does not do, what he did or did not say, men mistake this as she is super cool and drama free. I think it’s time to let the fellas in on a little secret. Most of the time, when a woman is passive and has nothing to say about anything you do, I can almost guarantee it is one of the following reasons (A) you are not the only man she is entertaining. (B) She’s really not that into you. (C) She’s keeping it tucked away until she feels comfortable enough to unleash the beast. Please understand, no woman is that cool and laid back. This is not to say a woman has to be a drama queen or quick to slash a ninja's tires as soon as he misses a day of calling her. It is to say, when a woman cares or when she is interested, she shows it PERIOD. Just like a parent who cares about a child, a woman can’t help but to let it be known when she cares. The way she displays her emotions may vary from each woman. but the point is, it still shows.

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