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Planned Parenthood To Shut Down Locations In Iowa Due To Funding Cut

Planned Parenthood announced it will be closing four of its 12 clinics in Iowa. This was due to the new Republican led Legislature cutting its state funding this year. The facilities are slated to be shut down as of June 30th.

The closings will surely effect the number of Planned Parenthood facilities in Iowa that provide abortions as well as other services such as, birth control, emergency contraceptives, and testing for STDs. Not only that, more than 30 employees within the organization will be unemployed.

It is obvious to foresee, most if not all Planned Parenthood clinics all over will be shut down eventually. To be perfectly honest, this comes as no surprise since there has been talks of defunding Planned Parenthood for years. Republicans have been itching to shut down shop on Planned Parenthood since 2010, citing abortions as their reason. The interesting part about that is, no federal funds received by Planned Parenthood goes toward the procedure.

This was just a bad move altogether and will have nothing but a negative impact on those individuals who can't afford healthcare. Let me be more specific; it will affect, thousands of poor women, rural women, young women, and women of color.

So what will happen now? Well, now there will be plenty of unwanted pregnancy's due to interrupted contraceptive care, an increase in breast and ovarian cancer going undetected due to no more screenings and Pap smears, an increase in STD's running rampant due to not being able to access treatment. The Republicans and others who were in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood over the course of seven years, finally got what they wanted. Too bad it will cost a lot of women.

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