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Breaking The Blues Stigma-Wellness Event

I had the pleasure of attending the "Breaking The Blues Stigma-Wellness Event," presented by the Zeta Phi Beta, Inc., Gamma Zeta Zeta Chapter (Columbus, Ohio.) This event was set up in an effort to bring awareness to an issue that continues to affect many families and communities. That issue is, the silence of mental health issues. Thousands of individuals silently suffer from mental illness everyday. Unfortunately, they go untreated because they are too ashamed and embarrassed to seek professional help. The Breaking The Blues Stigma Wellness event, served as a platform for dialogue, and screenings. Guests and participants got a chance to be inspired and informed by keynote speakers. They also enjoyed workshops, interactive activities, and won door prizes.


Packing swag bag

Mental health screenings

Lady Drema's session on Family Mental Health

Massage Therapy

Aroma Therapy...I loved this session!

Line Dance Break Out Session

Art therapy

Title sponsor Nicole Simpson and key note, J. Dorris-Williams

Raffle winner

Look who won a free life coach session...yours truly!

Raffle winner!

Nicole Simpson's Insurance and Financial Services Agency of Farmers gives away a bike

Title Sponsor Nicole Simpson's Insurance and Financial Services Agency of Farmers shares remarks

Councilman Hardin

Title Sponsor ADAMH Board of Franklin County

Key Counseling & Consultation LLC giving a presentation

Health screenings

Key Counseling & Consultation LLC during his session for

Functional Depression

Overall, the event was fun and informative, but the best part is, it was all FREE!!!

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