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Is The Diva Cup Better For Your Period?

So there's this reusable cup out there for that time of the month called, "the Diva Cup." The way it works is, you fold the cup ( you have two different ways to choose from) and then you just insert it into the "V Jay Jay." It unfolds on its own and collects your blood for up to 12 hours, free of leakage.

Some women are all for it, while others are like "ugh, gross, I'm not using that!" They were disgusted at the thought of reusing something that contained period blood in it. I can actually understand why some women would think of a menstrual cup as nasty and not sanitary. I mean think about it, from the time you ever had a period all the way to adulthood, you've used nothing but pads or tampons, which are disposable items. The truth about the menstrual cup is, it's not a new invention. They have actually been around for centuries. In fact, the first prototype which were also known as catamenial sacks, were patented in the 1860's and 1870's. The designs were inventive but most of them never made it to market. Then in 1937, actress Leona Chalmers invented the first modern menstrual cups, similar to the cups we know today.

Like many other products, the Diva Cup has it's pro's and con's. Check it out.


  • Convenient

  • Safe

  • Holds More

  • Less Odor

  • It’s eco- and wallet-friendly.

  • Easy To Use

  • 12 Hours of leak-free protection (even overnight)

  • Made of 100% Healthcare Grade Silicone

  • No Chemicals

  • No Plastics

  • No Dyes


  • It can cause irritation

  • It can be hard to find the perfect fit

  • Removal can be a bit messy

  • Can interfere with IUD

Now that you have the facts, the pros and cons, is the Diva Cup something you would use? or do you currently use it?

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