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Blinded By The Light Of Attraction

We've been watching the slow death of the marriage between rapper TI and his wife, r&b singer, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle Harris. In my opinion, this situation is sad and ugly. It is sad because here is another black family being torn apart. It is ugly because the couple chose to let it all play out on national television and it should be a private family matter.

It has been alleged that TI has a romance thing going on with Bernice Burgos, who Tiny referred to as a "pass around b***." There were a lot of comments and memes basically suggesting that if this Bernice chic is TI's new woman, then he has upgraded. They came up with this idea because, according to public opinion, she is prettier than Tiny. GTFOH. Bernice is a cute girl; however, looks are not the determining factor in whether or not someone has upgraded. There are bigger items that go into that equation such as, is the chic supportive? does she clean? is she good with kids? will she support him? will she stand by his side if he gets down on his luck? What is she bringing to the table outside of looks and sex?

It's crazy how people will make an exception or put an individual on a pedestal because of their exterior appearance. Remember when the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna situation happened back in 2009? As vicious as that attack was on Rihanna, there were some women (young women) who were actually making excuses for Chris Brown and why he did what he did. They were saying things like, "well she provoked him." What the hell? Now, we all know that if Chris Brown was some ugly broke dude, these women would have been ready to stone him to death. Wrong is wrong no matter what a person looks like.

For years, people have made comments about Tiny's physical appearance suggesting that she isn't pretty enough to be with TI. I must say, I love the way TI loved Tiny despite what anyone thought about her. I have to wonder though, did some of these comments get to Tiny? I say this because over the years, we have seen Tiny have a lot of work done on her appearance. I think the most dramatic was having her natural eye color changed. Did she make these changes for herself or was it to look good on Tip's arm?

Like I said previously, Bernice is a cute girl, but let's not act like we haven't seen prettier, and I'm not hating, I'm just saying.

When it comes to an attractive man who has a woman who is not as attractive as he is, I think it is stupid to say things like, "he can do better than her." Comments like these usually come from women. When a woman who is considered to be attractive gets with a man who is not so attractive, we never really hear people go in on that woman or say that she can do better. If anything, the man is given props for bagging such a pretty lady. Look at Beyonce and Jay-Z for example, aside from her talent, Queen Bey is also known for her beauty. Needless to say, she could probably have any man she wanted. If the public could have chose her man for her based on looks, Jay-Z would have missed out. Let's be real, Jay- Z was not someone women looked at and got wet in the panties. Don't get it twisted, the boy "Hov"makes up for it in so many other areas. He's smart, has money, has a sexy swag, and whatever deeper qualities that attracted Beyonce to him. I wouldn't know those other qualities because I don't know the couple personally. I'm just saying, his physical appearance was probably not a factor. We've never heard anyone speak reckless about a girl as pretty as Beyonce being with Jay- Z. Other men like Omari Hardwick, and Usher had to damn near go to war with fans because the comments about their wives were so mean. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Jesse Williams, are also among men whose wives do not meet the Hollywood requirements of pretty. Let's hypothetically say these "fine" men lay hands on their "not so pretty" wives behind closed doors, abuse them verbally, and/or cheat on them habitually, do we still say, "he can do better than her?"do we still feel he is too good for her? No, it is SHE WHO CAN DO BETTER , fuck how attractive he is.

The bottom line is, the light of attraction is very bright, be careful not to focus on it too hard or it will blind you.

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