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Why I Do Not Like You So Called Nice Guys!

Through experience and observation, the men that I have met who have actually said they were nice guys, turned out to be the worst guys. No lie, they were the shadiest and the most selfish men I have ever encountered. So this goes out to you guys who call yourselves nice, NOT those guys who genuinely are.

Let me share with your so called nice self how I came to the realization that I don’t like you. First of all, you think that just because you get up and work a nine to five and make an honest living, that makes you a good person. It doesn’t. Your decision to make an honest living as opposed to living a life of crime and ripping and running the streets has nothing to do with you being a nice/good guy. What it simply means is, you are a taxpayer who makes his money the legit way! Out of your mouth, you call yourself a nice guy, yet dealing with you is actually worse than dealing with a bad boy. At least with a bad boy, a person knows what to expect. The same can’t be said about you so called nice guys. The reason is, you are so hung up on appearing nice that you are not always honest about what you think and how you feel. When you experience feelings and thoughts that are not so pleasant, you prefer to hide them instead of expressing them. You think if you keep these feelings to yourself, you are doing the next person a favor by sparing their feelings. You need to know that is so not true, and contrary to the popular belief, this actually makes you the deceitful guy. You make people THINK that you feel one way but you really feel another way.

You tend to be a people pleaser, even if you are uncomfortable or don’t like a situation. You pretend you are not bothered just to save face. Appearing to be a nice sweetheart is more important to you than being honest which again, represents that deceitful part of you. I think it is safe to toss the word “fake” in there too. You think that if you do your best to not entertain drama, and arguments, this makes you a nice guy. No, it makes you a conflict avoider. Again, it has not a damn thing to do with you being a nice guy. I would suggest to any woman that comes in contact with you to run as soon as you she hears you tell her you are a nice guy. You are the type of guy who will cause more harm than good and will blind side the hell out of a woman. She won’t even see it coming because you will pretend everything is cool and then...surprise!!!

Give me the guy who is upfront and honest about how he feels whether I like it or not. I will gladly take him over the “fake it till you make it” ass dude any day. When you are genuinely a nice person, you never have to say it out of your own mouth. People will see it through your actions and will have no problem saying it for you. When you call yourself nice, not only are you trying to convince others, you are more so trying to convince yourself that a nice guy is who you really are. This was not a rant or a bash letter, this was just to shed some light on the myth about nice guys. Also, I wanted to encourage the guys who call themselves nice, to wake up and stop pretending to be what you think people want you to be and just be yourself, and accept that fact that who you are just might not be so nice.

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