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Girl, Get Yourself a Younger Man

Ever thought about dating a man five or ten years younger? Dating younger men is, and has been, trending for years now. It seems like a lot of the celebrity women are snatching one up. From Gabrielle Union and D Wade who have a ten-year age gap, to Tami Roman and Reggie who have a seventeen-year difference. These ladies love their men and are looking better than ever! The young men nowadays know how to approach a lady with respect. In case you haven’t thought about trying to date a younger man, I have put together a list of five reasons why women should consider it.

Five reasons to date a younger man.

  1. Queen Treatment. Younger men are honored to date an older woman. They make sure to go out of their way to make you feel special. Compliments are always on deck. Younger men don’t want to lose you so they will pamper you in any kind of way. They will appreciate you.

  2. Tons of fun. Younger men always want to be out having fun. They want to go to amusement parks, take trips, horseback riding, dancing, concerts, etc. Older guys are okay with just staying in the house. The young ones want to try new things. Explore what the city has to offer. As long as it makes you happy, they are open to trying it.

  3. Aim to please. I can’t leave out the obvious. The sex drive is on 100. He will love the experience that you have. Last, let’s face it; they have the energy to go all day and night and I will leave it at that.

  4. Keep you feeling young and rejuvenated. They are super positive with high energy that is infectious, which makes you also feel good about life. Yes, there are positive older men, however, the younger men haven’t experienced as many hardships, therefore it is easier to have a more positive approach to daily living. Not to mention you will be happier and will exude a glow that will have you looking younger.

  5. Great listeners and will talk to you for hours. Younger men are very interested in impressing you with conversation. They will listen to all of your dreams and ambitions as well as be willing to share their aspirations. They will encourage you to follow your dreams.

Besides all the above reasons THEY ARE FINE! Think of Kofi Siriboe aka Ralph Angel (age 23), Trevor Jackson (age 20), and Chris Brown (age 28). Women sometimes worry about the disconnect because of the age difference. As long as you both are on the same page with what you are looking for, there shouldn’t be an issue because of the age difference. It’s definitely not for everyone but don’t knock it until you try it! If you are single and want to have fun for the summer younger is the way to go. Now go put on something sexy, grab you a younger man and enjoy the ride. You will thank me later

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