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As We Head Into 2018

I don’t want to bore you with a cliche new year's resolution post, but I do want to share with you some of the observations I made and what I learned in 2017

  1. BEWARE OF FAKE POSITIVE PEOPLE.-Not sure why, but everybody likes to appear positive but only a few genuinely are.

  2. THERE IS A THIN LINE BETWEEN BEING REAL AND BEING OUT OF PLACE- Keeping it real doesn’t mean it is okay to say whatever comes to mind.

  3. IT DOESN’T COST YOU A DIME TO BE GRACIOUS- You can be nice or cordial to someone that you don’t like, that doesn’t mean you are being fake.

  4. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE CHARACTERISTICS A PERSON SWEAR THEY HATE- The characteristics and traits a person say they hate in others, tend to reside in them also.

  5. WHEN IT COMES TO DATING, FUCKING IS A PRIORITY TO MOST (NOT ALL) BLACK MEN WHILE ACTUALLY GETTING TO KNOW YOU FIRST AND FINDING OUT WHAT YOU CAN BUILD TOGETHER, IS A PRIORITY TO MEN OF OTHER RACES AND CULTURES.- Men and women of all races and cultures like smash, so that’s not the point. The point I am making is, most black men make fucking the first thing on their to do list when they come in contact with a woman. I am not hating nor am I talking shit about black men, I am making this statement based on observation.

  6. THE PERSON WHO CALLS HIM OR HERSELF A GOOD/NICE PERSON IS PROBABLY THE WORST PERSON YOU WILL EVER ENCOUNTER - If you are genuinely a good/nice person, you will NEVER have to say it out of your own mouth because other people will speak on your behalf.

  7. .KENDRICK LAMAR'S ALBUM WAS EVERYTHING-Don't let anything distract you from the fact that Kendrick Lamar had THE best album of 2017

#2018 #HappyNewYear #NewYear #KendrickLamar

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