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Baby Mama Drama, That Ain't Bout Nothing

Updated: May 18, 2020

Some months ago, Nas’s ex-wife and mother of his son, Kelis did an in depth interview with Hollywood Unlocked. In the interview, Kelis accused Nas of both, physical and mental abuse during their marriage.

“It was really dark. There was a lot of drinking. There was a lot of mental and physical abuse,” Kelis, 38, told Hollywood Unlocked . “I probably would have stayed longer had I not been pregnant [with Knight] because I really did love him and because we were married. We weren’t dating, we were married. Like, this was my person.”

Fast forward to September, five months after that interview, Nas received a call from Essence magazine about a Kelis-related story. (Kelis was slated to be honored at a recent Essence event in Brooklyn that coincided with New York Fashion Week.) Not sure what was said in that phone call, but it prompted Nas to hop on his Instagram and write a whole “dissertation”on the accusations Kelis made in her interview.

Nas had time that day, but just because he had time to write that essay, doesn’t mean my readers have time to read it. That being said, here is the jist of what Nasty Nas had to say.

“Today i got a call from essence about my ex wife doing another sad fictitious story. Nothing surprises me anymore, including this,” he begins. “This is what your life has come to sis? Exploiting some people’s Real struggle and pain…just to get at me….to get attention? Fame? Another fight against men?” he wrote.

“Why did i have to take you to court to see our son?” he writes. “Why when i win the joint custody ( which is a win for both of us and our son, it helps us with both our schedules) why do you feel thats an attack on you? Is it control ? Why do you need to have control over my life? because we’re not together?

As he continued, Nas apologized for not being faithful and blames it on his immaturity at the times. “I have to say i wasn’t the most faithful husband,” he admits. “I was immature. I’m sorry about that. But you bumped your own head sis. Why do i have to live thru a constant divorce? It didn’t work out. Life goes on. I’m not coming back to you.”

He lastly closed his 6-part rant by denying the allegations of him beating Kelis. Nas wrote… “I do not beat women. I did not beat up my ex wife. Stop. You got beat up in court. How much money do you want? Do you want me to relinquish my rights to see my son is that what you want? Just tell me. After all the tweets and posts you made thru the years disrespecting me and my family I still have love for you as the mother of my child BUT I am done with this.’

Here’s the thing, I can’t say Nas DID abuse Kelis nor can I say he DID NOT. I was not there and as we all know, there are three sides to every story; her side, his side, and the truth. That being said, whatever went on between these two during their five year marriage needs to be left there. They have been divorced for eight years now.

I feel that as long as Nas is trying to be a good father to their son, and he is staying out of her business, that is all Kelis needs to be concerned about at this point. As we just read, Nas alleges that Kelis has been trying to keep him from seeing their son Knight, who is now 9 years old. Unfortunately, this is not a unique situation. Kelis is not the only woman who can’t control her emotions. She’s not the only woman who can’t separate her feelings towards the man, from the relationship the man has with his child. It’s just real bad to

see how so many women use their child with a man as a weapon to hurt him or get back at him for a failed marriage or relationship that they both probably played a part in. Some women give the men who wants to be a father such a hard time. Then out of spite, they add child support to the equation. This is not to say there is anything wrong with a man paying child support, I’m just saying its not cool when it’s done with the intention to get back at him. And is it just me, or does it seem like women only do these things to the men who TRULY want to be in their child’s life? The deadbeat men who are not around physically or doesn’t provide financially are left alone. They don’t bother him, he gets a pass and is able to walk around free as a bird, no stress no nothing. Women do not understand nor do they realize that the only person who loses in these types of situations is the child. I hope Nas and Kelis, and other parents out there can come together and show a healthy co parenting situation. More children need to see that just because their parents are not together, doesn't mean drama has to be their norm. Baby mama drama is a negative energy that affects all parties involved in a negative way and in the words of Jay Z, "nobody wins when the family feuds."

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