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Don't trip, we're just black and proud!!!

So I had the pleasure of being part of a peaceful protest called "Black Excellence Ladies Edition," part of the Black Lives Matter movement. This was the first protest I have ever participated in and I must say it was a positive and inspiring experience. This protest is just one of many that has followed after an unarmed black man, George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer in Minnesota. The spirit of chaos and confusion has been running rampant, causing the energy in the atmosphere to be very intense and negative ever since. The murder took place last month and that's when tensions were super high. I was glad that everything at the protest remained peaceful because Lord knows I was not in no mood to be running, fighting, getting pepper sprayed or non of that sh*t. Hopefully all the protesting and the entire Black Lives Matter movement will invoke some major changes. The only problem is, as fast as we need change to take place it will not happen over night.

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