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She know she done F*ck'd up!

First let me start this off by saying, I do not hate white people. I am not a racist by no means; however, I am against those white folks who have a grudge against people who look like me. Last week a white woman named Amy "Karen"Cooper and her dog were strolling in New York's Central Park. This is the same park where 5 young black and Latino men were accused of beating and raping a white woman, Trisha Meili as she jogged through the park one evening in 1989. DNA evidence found at the scene of the crime didn't match any of the five teens, but it made no difference — the general public had already decided them to be guilty. It wasn't until 12 years after the 5 were wrongly convicted, the real attacker, serial raper Matias Reyes confessed to the crime. The 5 young men would later be known to the world as the exonerated 5. Well as Amy walked with her dog through the park she decided that her life as well as her dog's life were threatened when bird watcher Christian Cooper (no relation) who is indeed a black man, asked if she could put her dog on a leash. The two had an exchange of a few non harsh words when Amy became hysterical and called the police. She dialed 911 and stated, "There is an African American man and he is recording me and threatening myself and my dog." That was Amy blowing a dog whistle to sick the boys on a black man so that they could come and arrest him or even worst, shoot him dead. That man was not thinking about her or her dog. Hell, from what I saw in the video, it looked like she was the one causing harm to that poor dog. She was so busy harassing him and putting her finger in his face that she was choking the damn dog. It was obvious Mr. Cooper was not the rough n***a type and I am glad he was not because had he been he would have cussed her out and "Karen" would have felt justified in her actions.

This whole "fragile little white woman scared of the black man" narrative is so old and I am tired of it. This woman was wrong as two left shoes and her behavior in this situation is very reprehensible. I was actually glad to hear that she was fired from the firm she was employed with, and she voluntarily surrendered her dog. What pisses me off about the situation is this woman knows and understands that the climate between black men and the police is beyond critical but she was willing to take the chance of adding gasoline to the fire. White supremacy exists and has been a problem for way too long. People like Amy Cooper prove to be part of the problem and not the solution. It's almost like the child who is favored by their parent(s) over their siblings and instead of rejecting the favoritism, the favored child uses it to his/her advantage. I will close this out and say Amy, F**** you and your apology.

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